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About AWAD

Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi (AWAD) received charitable status in the United Arab Emirates since 2019 and is registered under the ministerial resolution no. (54) 2019 of the Ministry of Community Development and under the ministry license number (187).


AWAD works with dedicated volunteers, organizations and individuals to improve the lives of pets and community cats and dogs in the United Arab Emirates through education, direct animal care and lobbying for strategic change.

AWAD’s core purpose is to make a difference and improve animal welfare in the United Arab Emirates. Our vision, mission, and values guide our daily work and programs to achieve an inclusive approach for animal welfare across the United Arab Emirates.

What We Do

AWAD exists to promote the welfare of animals within the United Arab Emirates. We believe that all animals should receive care that upholds their mental and physical wellbeing, regardless of their species or their status. We believe community animals, the term we use to define stray animals, are as important as pets. Our work aims to improve public perception of animals by providing educational opportunities and promoting the hands on care of all animals. AWAD recognizes and believes that volunteers are the lifeline of all we do, it is volunteers who ensure animals are well fed and nourished; it is volunteers who ensure animals receive the care and compassion they deserve.

We hope, as a charity we can foster in the community a more understanding and compassionate culture towards animals for future generations to come, we envision a nation where everyone views animals as a community responsibility. We envision a future where we offer kindness and compassion to all.

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