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Hands On Animal Care

AWAD advocates on providing a holistic approach to improve the health and well-being of animals in the UAE.  We firmly believe all animals should be given the basic necessities for proper animal care and should be a shared community responsibility. AWAD works with volunteers and stakeholders on delivering several programs related to animal care, which includes:


Feeding & Sterilization Program:

We are working in collaboration with government and private stakeholders on developing cat feedings stations in different areas of the emirate. The feeding stations are meant to provide adequate food and water supply to stray cats and to regulate random feedings along with facilitating proper TNR process.


Veterinary Partnership Program:

 AWAD is collaborating with veterinary clinics to provide special rates and discounts for AWAD volunteers on different veterinary services to help support animals in need.

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Support Fostering & Adoption:

Rather than purchasing animals from pet shops, AWAD supports animal rescue and foster groups that play a vital role in the rehabilitation of animals, and ensure that they can continue helping other animals in desperate need.

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