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Education & Awareness

AWAD believes that education and awareness are key factors in creating a responsible society that cares about the well-being of its animals.  We provide educational workshops and awareness sessions to schools, universities, community groups and organization entities.


Our educational content and activities are centered on our four animal welfare education and awareness goals, which are:



Animal Sentience

We raise awareness on the animal’s capacity to experience different emotions including suffering, fear and happiness.


“Five Freedoms”
of Animal Welfare

We promote the meaning of the “Five Freedoms” of animal welfare and how they can be applied to both pets and community animals. They were developed and formalized by the United Kingdom Farm Animal Welfare Council in 1979 and are now internationally used by many animal welfare organizations. The five freedoms provide guidelines to ensure the animals physical and emotional needs are met.



Animal Care

We promote active participation in providing appropriate care to both pets and community animals based on the “Five Freedoms” which includes:

  • Responsible pet ownership: educating the students on caring for their pets. 

  • Community cats: educating the students on ways to support and care for stray cats.

  • Neutering pets and TNR: raising awareness on the importance of neutering both pets and community animals.


Fostering & Adoption
“Adopt don’t Shop”

We also raise awareness on ways to support and advocate for fostering and adoption instead of buying pets.

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